The Streetcar Conspiracy

⚠ (:toc:) <:vspace> Detroit had an extensive streetcar network, parts of which can be seen embedded in portions of downtown streets to this day. Unfortunately, after WWII the auto companies bought up the street car lines and shut them down, something they did across the country. Eventually this page will contain the details. <:vspace> (:comment END OF MAIN CONTENT :) <:vspace> (:comment Add any categories you think would apply :) <:vspace> (:comment You can delete the Stub category entry if this is a reasonably detailed page that tells an interesting story :) <:vspace> <div class='category'> Categories: [[Category/Business]] | [[Category/Conspiracy]] | [[Category/Mid 20th Century]] | [[Category/Psychogeography]] | [[Category/Stub]] </div>