William Douglas Street, Detroit's Great Pretender

According to a June 2012 posting on Boing Boing, there's a Sundance award-winning documentary from the 1990s called Chameleon Street about an African American con man whose career was quite similar to Catch Me If You Can. This film must be captured and interrogated for Mythic Content!

Some additional research online is turning up interesting things. The conman in question was William Douglas Street, and he was active from 70s through the 90s. He apparently conned his way into a tryout with the Detroit Tigers (by pretending to be a former player for the Houston Oilers football team), a medical career where he performed well over a dozen hysterectomies, and other interesting things.

Tigers Fooled 2/22/1971 Impostor Ousted From Tigers Camp 2/22/1971 The Amazing Mr Street Goes South Again 2/22/1971 Hoax, Phony Levias Admits 2/22/1971 Held for Bad Check 3/4/1971 Held for Bad Check, v.2 Shrine Imposter (Football) 12/21/1972 Football Tryout 12/22/1972 Didn't Look Like Football Player 12/22/1972 Imposter Invades All-Star Game 12/22/1972 Impersonates Yale Student 11/30/1984 Faces Trial 9/25/1994

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