Countess Grace and the Detroit Espionage Case

⚠ (:toc:) <:vspace> <:vspace> !!The Story So Far [[,9171,802937,00.html | Time Magazine]] published an article in 1943 describing a bizarre espionage case wherein the erzatz Countess Grace and her merry band were rounded up in Detroit by the FBI on charges that they were attempting to transmit war production figures to the Nazis. There was undoubtedly extensive coverage in the Detroit papers at the time. <:vspace> <:vspace> !!Stories and Speculation (:comment Any thoughts on secret history, hidden motivations, or other things which aren't precisely true, but ought to be :) <:vspace> !!Sources (:comment If you drew information from books, websites, movies, etc., please describe them here so other people can go read them :) <:vspace> (:comment END OF MAIN CONTENT :) <:vspace> (:comment Add any categories you think would apply :) <:vspace> (:comment You can delete the Stub category entry if this is a reasonably detailed page that tells an interesting story :) <:vspace> Categories: <div class='category'> Categories: [[Category/Nazis]] | [[Category/Stub]] | [[Category/World War II]] </div>