The Beast of the Detroit River(?)

There are a few flutterings around the web suggesting the existence of a monster living in the Detroit River.

The Loch Ness Monster And Other Lake Mysteries

1835 Report

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Ric Theriault
Mar 11th 2015, 6:49pm
You call this story about Detroit River beast a myth, sorry to burst your bubble but it is true. I and my friend Jim at the time were fishing off of the east side of Grosse Isle, I beleive that is how you spell it, you know the floating island. Well we were fishing for some good size silver bass and noticing how fast the river was flowing to the south. We tied ourselves to the dock so we would not fall in, when we notice a dark gray object about 18-20' out in the river, in the sun, heading up stream, north. It had three very distinctive humps or where it crested the water. We watched it for 9-10 minutes before it disappear up stream. When someone says oh it was a log or you did not see that, well we packed our fishing gear up along with our fish and went home. We wre not taking chances on being a meal for it. We saw with our own eyes. Its true! (It was summer of 1979 or 80.}
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