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So, we've got plenty of stub pages on the site, but periodically I pick up even smaller tidbits which might or might not turn out to be worth doing something with. So rather than spit out a stub page for the smallest leads, we'll just pile them up here.

Date-specific leads

  • 1832: A mysterious document composed of indecipherable characters becomes known nationally as the "Detroit Document"; and have a lot of background info.
  • 1905: Herman Menz, a stonecutter, erected a shrine to Satan on his front lawn, at the intersection of Stanton & McGraw.
  • 11/6/1923: The KKK burned a cross at Detroit City Hall.
  • 7/25/1942: The FBI raided 120 home sin the Detroit area, and 60 more the next day, turning up aerial photos, Nazi flags & literature, and plenty of guns and ammunition.
  • 1943: Race riots driven by tensions over expansion of housing for African-American workers; interestingly these were the focus for issues 38 through 40 of the All-Star Squadron.
  • 6/3/1943: Thurgood Marshall, visiting Detroit for the NAACP, blames labor disruptions on KKK and Nazi agents promoting race hatred.
  • 8/24/1943: FBI agents arrest six people in Detroit as Nazi spies (this may be the Countess Grace case).
  • 9/5/1944: Detroit experienced a slight earthquake.¬† Fortunately, no serious damage ensued from the quake.
  • 1/2/1964: Agents of the Detroit office of the FBI located and arrested two fugitives involved in the theft of rare books, coins, and documents from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. ¬†Sixteen cartons of stolen merchandise valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars were recovered as a result of this investigation. The New York Times covered the story (1/7/64 p.23, 1/8/64 p.34, 9/18/64 p.30)
  • 1973-4: A series of wildcat strikes hit the Detroit auto plants.
  • 1979: Wayne State University investigated the possibility of building a recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theater on the riverfront.
  • 1980: For no obvious reason the GOP held their presidential convention in the city

Other leads

  • The Kiwanis movement originated in Detroit
  • Belle Isle has all sorts of goodies: duels, a name change ceremony, Frederick Law Olmstead, and bridge suicides.
  • The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement was a late 60s-early 70s radical black movement in the Detroit unions.
  • Charles Agee was the architect who built all of the Moorish-style buildings throughout the city.
  • Detroit competed to serve as the home city for the United Nations
  • Hair Wars is based out of Detroit.
  • Istvan Danosi was a Wayne State University fencing coach from 1958 to 1982. He served as the chairman of the U.S. Academy of Arms, accredited the first woman fencing master in the United States, and had an 82% victory record with his team over a decade, and produced dozens of national champions. His obituary can be found here.
  • was part of a plot to overthrow Gen. Washington, spy for Spain, conspired to split Kentucky from Virginia; came to Michigan, plotted to replace Mad Anthony (who died in 1796), seized Detroit from the British, and then left after citizen protests over his greed as military governor. He then worked with Aaron Burr to seize the Louisiana territory, but turned him in to Jefferson.
  • Warren H. Goetz (an Adamski follower) ran a UFO contactee cult which undertook "Project Bluebird", a flying saucer construction project -
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